You probably know, or have read about, incredibly strong bonds between a human and an animal.

We know that when dogs have a job to do they often exhibit behaviors that seem extraordinary.  Like humans, when asked to do more than you feel is possible, you can truly amaze yourself.  Expectation of success fuels the process.

This site is dedicated to three specific categories of Animals, who work with their handlers in very specific ways:

Emotional Support Animals
Therapy Animals
Service Animals

These three categories of animals often exhibit both good behaviors and steady temperaments.

Most possess goodmanners and some have access in buildings and settings where animals are not otherwise allowed.  Others have all that, plus additional training to assist humans in a myriad of settings.


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In spite of how often these animals are “working” there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about each one.  This site strives to provide you with a clear understanding of each category along with the law, examples and resources that can help you be better educated.

Additionally, should you have a group that would like an interesting, informative and entertaining presentation about these animals we are available to customize this program to meet the needs of your group.  For more information visit our SEMINAR page.